Your biggest challenge is to keep pace with your counterparts throughout the world. Whose decision is that? Yours? Parents? Government’s?

Have you ever asked yourself: Who am I? What is my plan, my vision for my future? What will make me rich? Why is it important to be rich? Will I be rich for sure?

Do I have sufficient mental control, agility, self-discipline, self-regulation to shape, design and formulate my own life? How much time do I spend on thinking about making my own life a success and how much time do I spend watching & asking what others have done on twitter, facebook, mixit gossip, chatrooms, link up?

Come with us at the Maths Centre on a journey that values YOU, that shows you how to Engage in a culture of learning and curiosity – be clever, feel clever, show clever. How to be your own best friend in sexual, emotional, physical and intellectual terms; how to participate in your own life, How to act on your best thoughts and take control of your life.


learners-receiving-tutoring-at-mc-maths-and-science-learning-centreThe Maths Centre, a dynamic and accredited organisation, strives to improve Maths, Science and Technology Education in South Africa. Operating over 50 projects across all nine provinces, the primary objective is to equip teachers, learners and parents with intervention programmes that will further develop their competency and performance in these curriculums for Grades R – 12 in South Africa.

Maths Centre has places available for grade 3 to grade 12 Learners, who would like to improve their marks in Maths, Natural and Physical Science as well as Accounting. Learners enrolled for these important extra classes will be immediately placed in our accelerated Learner Progression Programme (TM).

Learners will receive:

  • Detailed Diagnostic Pre-Test
  • Cumulative Gaps Analysis
  • Individualised Learning Programmes
  • Qualified teachers/trainers
  • Individualised tutoring
  • Just-in-time concepts as per CAPS/IEB pacesetters
  • Summative Assessments (Short test) for each session attended, on a pre-and post-basis
  • Using a proven intervention method of Technology integrated with CAPS and IEB Curricula with emphasize on the balanced approach to Maths and science
  • Detailed Diagnostic Post-Test


Venue: Classes will be conducted at the Maths Centre Head Office at 28 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Time : 08h00 to 17h00 on Saturday

Fee: R100 per hour


Simeon: simeon@mcis.org.za

Helen: helen@mcis.org.za