SANLAM project launch
Published: May 30, 2017



SANLAM project launch

On May 25th we officially launched the SANLAM project, it was held at our head offices in Braamfontien, Johannesburg. The event was attended by educators and principals from the 12 schools participating in the SANLAM project, Maths Centre staff and Nicola Jowell from SANLAM. Jowell briefed the audience about the bigger picture for the Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools project. She mentioned that Sanlam has partnered with  the schools in the Gauteng province with the end result being the improving of  the quality of Mathematics Education at the schools were the project is rolled out.

The involvement of Sanlam in the project schools goes beyond the classroom. It is in three phases which are:

Phase 1: Renovations (Painting the schools and providing learning materials)

Phase 2: Sanitation (Some schools don’t have running water, flushing toilets)

Phase 3: Leadership programme (launching in 2018)


Picture 1: Nicola Jowell presenting the Sanlam bigger picture.



sanlam 01                  sanlam 02

Picture 2 (Left): Mr Mofokeng from Khatlamping Primary spoke about how their school confidence and results had improved since they worked with the Maths Centre. They took part in the Maths Olympiad and went as far as provincial level. The Maths Centre helped them establish a network to present their lessons on the learning channel DSTV 319 which they are currently doing. Picture 3(Right):  Miss Kgatoke from Phuthumani Primary spoke about the impact the Maths Centre had at their school. They adopted the Maps and Mirrors campaign and they are still holding it even after Maths Centre left their school. They took ownership of project activities.




sanlam 03

Picture 4: Mr Ngoveni who is part of the Gauteng SANLAM schools expressed his excitement and gratitude about the project. He challenged the alumni schools to a Maths Olympiad in the next 2 years. He was very confident that they will have improved their content and confidence levels with the help that they will get from the Maths Centre.

sanlam 04      SANLAM 9

Picture 5: Each of the 12 schools received learning and teaching materials from the Maths Centre.

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