Success Stories


Absa Limpopo Learner: Nelson Moyana



My name is Nelson Moyana. I am currently in Grade 12 at Ramashobohle High school. I sincerely want to say thank you to Maths centre for all they have done at our school. As today, our school is achieving good quality mathematics marks as compared to the other subjects.

Maths centre started sponsoring our school in 2014, and as results are concerned, we were rating the lowest at our region… Before, we couldn’t obtain materials to work with such as calculators, mathematics textbooks, files, anything that could assist us with further learning. Today, we are well recognised, thanks to maths centre and Mr William Ziso who is helping to make maths an easy subject. We are inspired and humbled by his work.

Mathematics hubs in our schools give us a clear understanding of mathematics. To maths centre and hardworking Mr Ziso, we are thankful for inspiring us and in conclusion, keep up holding the power of education high for our nation and building a better South Africa.