Bureau Veritas MST Cart Hand-Over Ceremony Report
Published: October 28, 2016

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Our Donor: Thulisile Ntanta of Bureau Veritas is gladly showing the beneficiary school representatives the contents of the MST for engineering Cart

MST for Engineering is continuing to penetrate in schools in an effort to bring awareness and prepare learners in undertaking engineering related studies after matric. Bureau Veritas have donated six MST for engineering carts to different schools. We have been able to donate three in Gauteng East, one in Centurion, one in Alexandra and yet another one in Cape Town.

In attendance were Thulisile Ntanta from Bureau Veritas, Sipho Bambisa, from Gibella Railway, Mr Chetty (District Director Representative) and Ms Matoto Shabangu (IDSO) from Gauteng East Department of Education, Principal, and Deputy Principal, Hods and Educators from the host school and two educators each from both Nigel and Phulong Secondary Schools.

Maths Centre was represented by the National MST Project Manager, Paul Nhunzvi and Maths and Physical Science Coordinator Chris Maregedze.


Officials and learners standing up in preparation for singing the National Anthem


The Principal gave the opening and welcome speech. She mentioned that the school was honoured to have such a privilege of being chosen out of many possible schools. She thanked Maths Centre  for putting the schools on the map and also Bureau Veritas for making  the MST cart  available for their learners.

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The MST cart was presented to the schools by Thulisile Ntanta, the BBBEE, SD, EE Co-ordinator. She mentioned that the cart contains tools, equipment and materials for constructing technological projects. It is in these projects that Maths and Science concepts are being applied. A good use of these carts will see learners preparing themselves for their future. She then presented the carts to the schools through the principal and the representatives of the other two schools. Thulisile also took the opportunity to advise the users of the MST carts to keep them safe and secure.


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From Left to Right: 1.The Principal of NN Ndebele Ms Zanele Mlambo welcoming guests to her school. 2. The District Director Representative, Mr Chetty appreciating the gesture from the donor. 3. Mr Sipho Bambisa from Gibela, addressed tge audience and gave them details about some the educational projects that Gibela is currently working on 4. Thulisile Ntanta from Bureau Veritas talking about  their support into Maths, Science and Technology, hence the donation of the MST for Engineering Carts to the three Gibella Hub.

The  National MST Project Manager took the opportunity to call for teamwork from all educators especially the Maths, Science and Technology educators. The educators are expected to help learners understand the integration hence they are expected to work and share their knowledge for the benefit of the learners.  A brief explanation on how the cart should be used was given though proper training will be organised in due course.


Paul Nhunzvi gave the vote of thanks on behalf of Maths Centre. He told learners that there is nothing which should hold them back from achieving great in their lives. Learners were told to look at life from their own perspective and use home utensils and tools to understand the application of Maths, Science and Technology.

At the end of the programme, all delegates started to interact and exchange some contacts. Most of them promised to keep the communication lines open and share more in-order to improve curriculum delivery and help the learners in the integration of Maths, Science and Technology. Cooperation and collaboration was seen as a great tool to lay a solid foundation in solving the country’s scarce skills shortages through MST for engineering.

Bureau Veritas MST Cart hand over Ceremony in Pictures:

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mst-12   mst-11 mst-19    mst-8


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