Cooperative learning can ease problem solving
Published: September 26, 2018

Blog by Patience Moja – Sanlam Cohort 2 Primary Trainer

During cooperative learning learners find it easy to engage in problem solving as they come together and share ideas on how to tackle any given challenge posed by the teacher. This strategic way of learning also enables the weaker and average learners to want to contribute into problem solving. It is therefore crucial that the teachers create more opportunity for learners to work cooperatively as a way of developing each other’s confidence critical thinking when problem solving.

sanlam cht 2

Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

Dear Colleague’s  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for putting in their 67 minutes for Mandela day on Friday the 15th July 2022. It is without a doubt that UBS SA with the Maths Centre team made an impact. We...

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