Diversity Shines

Supporting children with disabilities



Phelang is a LSEN (Learners with Special Education Need); the learners are both physically and mentally challenged. They are graded according foundation, intermediate, senior, and workshop phases. Their cognitive levels are between the ages 10 to 16.

Regardless of their backgrounds; their various impairments and many other ‘disadvantages’, the learners took it upon themselves to participate in all the activities that were planned for the day.

The MST team visisted the school on the 29th of June to commemorate Youth Month (June 1976), the learners were given a background of what the youth day came about, and why it should be celebrated. The objective of the event was to expose the learners to Maths, Science, and Technology (MST) activities.


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David from the Maths Centre conducting a few experiments with the learners of Phelang

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(left)Lerato, the learner in a blue jacket, was fascinated as they were shown how the lights in the hall are connected, using the circuit board

diversity shines Thabo 5diversity shines Thabo 3

(Left)The Lego Mindstorms was by far the learner’s favourite stall. They were fascinated by how the Lego Mindstorms robot stops when sensing a colour white. (Right)It looked like magic to the learners, when potassium permanganate reacted with glycerine. When giving the vote of thanks, the teacher of Phelang highlighted that their learners have never been exposed to such type’s activities.