Published: November 18, 2016

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Ezibeleni learners are receiving their certificates after finishing in the top three positions. All participating learners were invited at Maths Centre to have lunch with the Maths Centre CEO.

After completion of MST competitions and coming up  in the top three in 2014 and then the best in 2015, Ezibeleni learners prove to the Katlehong community that disability is not inability. Ezibeleni LSEN  which runs from primary level to grade 9 have defied all the odds by beating 13 other  schools amongst which included 12 ‘normal’ schools which runs from grade 8 to grade 12. Regardless of their backgrounds,  their various impairments, and many other ‘disadvantages’, the learners shook all those off their heads and took it upon themselves to research, design and construct gadgets which brought solutions to societal problems. From 2013, the team made a tipper truck which saw them being in the top six. 1n 2014, the conveyor loading machine saw Ezibeleni LSEN  being one of the top three school which won prizes. Not to be out done, the very same school took the first position in 2015.

After having received two MST for engineering carts from the project sponsor EOH and RMB, learners took it upon themselves to make use of the resources to transform their lives for the better. Learners organised themselves many times and came to their workshop (library turned workshop) for the application of their Maths and Science knowledge into the design and make project.


Girls who are defying all the odds are applying maths and science in measuring during marking out and properties of materials in the material selection. The girls seem to be saying “not only a man’s job but also for those who are physically challenged”


Team work is the answer:  Boys and girls of Ezibeleni LSEN working together on their Conveyor belt project. This is the machine which gave them the third spot.


Ezibeleni LSEN: Enjoying the prize that came with the third position.

In 2015, the school presented their Head Gear project which executed as specified by the project in a very simplified way. It’s simple and smooth movements to and from the underground caught the eyes of judges who did not hesitate to score in the rubric of the day.



Ezibeleni learners presenting how they researched designed and constructed the machine. The demonstration of the machine could not content the judges ‘excitement who all stood up for salutation.

The hall of the Lethukuthula Secondary school was filled with excitement with some of the learners and parents even standing on top of desks due to the frenzy which was generated.


The Joy Global Engineer Mr Peter Pahlane announcing the top three position. Ezibeleni (right in front of the desk) became 1st, with Thutopele tying at second with Katlehong Tech and Vosloorus and Kwadukathole at third position.

Lessons drawn from all these events are one should not judge a book by its cover. Also being physically challenged does not mean that one cannot do anything. One has to identify his/her strengths and utilise the positively for moving on and be productive in life. Instead of Ezibeleni learners considering themselves being unable, they got rid of the situation and did their best to become the best school out of a total of 14 schools with 12 schools being ‘normal’ with grade 8 to 12. Ezibeleni is physically challenged and runs up to grade 9.

You as a reader, what lessons are you drawing from this? Can you keep on complaining due to challenges in your life? Belt up and move on. You can do better than what you are now!

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