EduWeek – 15 and 16 June 2018
Published: June 21, 2018

Edu week is an annual event that looks at the future and the development within the Education Sector. The focus of the event was on Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The opportunities it has come to offer. The education Minister highlighted on how the education system or curriculum can be reimagined for the 4IR. She also mentioned that classroom practices and pedagogy need to be re aligned to suite the demands of the 4IR. Latest products and solutions to the country’s education system was exhibited by different companies. Maths Centre was amongst those companies that believe they can inspire young minds with new learning techniques. These learning techniques are aimed at preparing the learners to take advantage of this digital revolution. The event gave Maths Centre an exposure to show case the resources that are helpful in the classroom. It also got an opportunity to find people that are willing to partner with, so the learners can advance to a brighter future.

pic 1

The trainer was explaining to the visitor that the mobile Cart brings the whole laboratory to the class. That is, the classroom in the box. That it also help to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical, such that learners are able to have a feel of what the heart looks like (on 3D)

pic 2

The excitement was seen in the visitor’s face as it was explained to her how the Maths Centre teaching resources could make learning and teaching effective and interesting.

pic photos 2

The Maths Centre stall set up

pic 5

Minister of Education delivering the opening speech at the Edu week event

pic 6

These grade 12 learners were given an opportunity to tour around the place. They left their schools details, so that Maths Centre sales personnel can contact them. They mentioned that they do not have the laboratory at their school


pic 7

The grade R to foundation teachers opened to see what materials are inside the kit

One of the thing that stood out in the whole event was that people are most keen on online services, gadgets, and robotics. All these services are available, but the big question is, has the education embraced them, has it started to look at how to realign the curriculum so that it suits the needs of the work place. Maths Centre as an organization that has already started to work on the skills that are needed for 4IR, can be exactly what the department of education needs.






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