Success Stories


Eskom Mpumalanga learner:

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Name: Mandisa Ngele

School: Sofunda

Age: 16

Grade 11

This learner is performing beyond the limits. The learner surprised the whole school community at large when her Maths teacher combined her with the grade 12 to write the trial examinations. She managed to obtain the total marks from question 1 and 2 for Maths paper 1

Her Point of view:

My name is Mandisa and  I am 16 years of age and I have a lot of passion in Mathematics. I am highly inspired by the Maths Centre Eskom project personnel, they teach us Maths and Physical Science differently, they are making love Maths and Science more than any other Subjects. I am aiming to enroll for the Actuarial Science course after I pass grade 12 next year. I think level 7 in Maths, Physical Science and English is going to be a little thing to me in grade 12.