Gaming and Maths – A Teacher’s Perspective
Published: September 26, 2018

Blog by Bridget Molaudzi – Sanlam Cohort 2 Primary Trainer

Sanlam PS Cht2 1

Mathematics and game take place in the whole period of individual’s life at different levels. Game is not a wasting activity that child spends and just provides entertainment as many adults think. Game is the most serious occupation of child, it is his own work. By means of game child develops this sensitivity about himself and his environment to improve his knowledge and ability.

  • Game is child’s own occupation.
  • Game is the way of internalisation of stimulus and reaching adaptation system
  • Game is a volunteer activity or movement that is practised through freely accepted and binding rules in certain location and time, involving feelings of tension and amusement with the awareness of being different from real life.
  • Game is a work for adults and to children it is an activity that is performed by the present force when it is stimulated by the environment.

Click on the link below to read the teachers view on gamification. … @matificSA


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