Gibela TVET Project students visit Maths Centre
Published: May 25, 2018


In an effort to guide the students and remind them of the way ahead, the Maths Centre CEO invited the three project campuses to the Head Office in Braamfontein for a three hour session of talking life, sharing experience and guidance into the future.

It is normal with students that they quickly forget the reason why they are studying thereby end up being swept by the wave of the wind which tend to blow away everyone else, from the young to the old. Issues of losing focus due to girlfriend-boyfriend relationships, pregnancies and just following what others are doing (peer pressure) were discussed in detail. Students were encouraged to map their way forward at the same time reflecting on whatever they are doing to see if it will take them to their intended destinations (their career choices).


This is part of the students from Daveyton’s Ekurhuleni East College who attended the Maths Centre-Gibela Talk and Guidance session on the 5th of May 2018


Part of  Tshwane North’s Mamelodi campus students who attended the first day of the visit. “ Sir, every time I come here, I go back home full of energy. Thank you for these visits”, said one Mamelodi student


With the donor community being involved more in the learning of the learner, Gibela could not be left behind. It is sponsoring the three campuses in an effort to produce engineers and artisans who may end up being absorbed into the Gibela-Rail Locomotive manufacturing industry. Mr Loyiso Jiya availed himself on a chilly Saturday morning just to make sure that he has deposited his wise words into these fortunate young lads who got a chance others did not come across.

The Maths Centre CEO, Sharanjeet Shan talked about discipline, respect of own life and own time, positioning oneself into this world of “advanced” technological advancement. It was also noted that the current skills being presently trained in, may not be needed in some few years to come. Therefore a learner of today should position him/herself as a role player in this fast changing world of work. The main question to ponder on was; “ Are you changing the technology or you are being changed by it?”

tvet11     tvet12

Sharanjeet Shan (Right), flanked by Maths Centre board member Ms Lulama Dlamini doing what she knows best and loves most: guiding young minds into life and world of work.


Sharanjeet touched on the record of achievement files which serve a purpose of guiding the learner to achieve life goals so that one becomes what he/she wants. There are a series of steps which need to be followed in-order for someone to become his or her best self. This involves mapping a way forward and reflecting on the past and present actions.

tvet9    tvet10

Some of the power point slides which Sharanjeet used in an effort to guide the students. Those who had ears heard!


A question and answer session was held and this gave an opportunity for students to say out their thoughts on various issues in question. More of these involved technology and the 4IR.


“You are my inspiration!” Carol from Mamelodi took a challenge and promised to do her best to achieve the best. She said Sharanjeet inspired her from the very first time they visited the Centre  in 2017 and she is not going to let this inspiration go away without changing her for the better.


Tvwet7  Tvet8

One by one, students came to the front and share their opinions on the 4IR and how they will take part in this advancement


Mr Loyiso Jiya, representing Gibela also left a permanent challenge in the students.  He chronicled his own life, as he grew up without parents. The difficulties of being an orphan and playing with criminal friends, were some of the challenges Mr Jiya encountered. All these could not deter him from being what he wanted to be. Today he is his best, all because he pursued his studies which became his launch pad into the life he wanted. My Jiya talked about one becoming his own-self. Becoming a unique person and living the life one is supposed to live. He encouraged students not to copy other people’s life, but to keep being themselves.


Mr Loyiso Jiya addressing the students on theWho, What, When and How of life. Most students were encouraged to be who they are; an aspect which was also touched by Sharanjeet.


The second visit was for Molapo campus. These also underwent the same programme as the first group. Below are pictures of the second visit.



Top and bottom: South West Gauteng College’s Molapo campus students and their lecturers following proceedings of the day


Tvet 2

Sharing technology thoughts with others is the best way to go! Students from Molapo talked about 4IR. The driverless cars, cell phones and different apps came into the picture.



Feedback from students showed that the two days were worth spending at the Centre. They learned a lot and most of them alluded to the fact that they miss such meetings as they do not have anyone to guide them even from their homes and colleges. A number of these students stay alone in child headed families and do not have any parental figureheads in their lives.

One student gave a farewell speech to everybody around by saying: “We were not aware of all these changes that are happening in the world of technology. If we cannot pace up and catch up, we will left behind and become redundant with these courses we think will give us good jobs.  I personally think that whatever we are training in, we need to explore the technical advances of these courses and be prepared to study further so that we become abreast with this technological advancement”







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