Hubs Construction: 24 May 2016
Published: November 3, 2016

Campaign              Hubs Construction

Date                       24 May 2016

Venue                    Beaufort West

Schools                   Beaufort West Primary School

Grades                   5-7

Learners                60

Hubs construction in the Karoo project schools has started with Beaufort West Primary making a classroom available to be converted into a Numeracy Hub. This will be a dedicated space where teachers can bring their learner for Maths instruction.

This hub will also serve as a resource centre for the surrounding project schools. All Maths Centre instructional materials and resources will be available here. The lead project teacher and HOD at the school will be responsible to monitor the use of the hub.

hubs-1            hubs

The grade six class of Beaufort West Primary took charge of the hubs construction under the supervision of the trainer as well as the teacher.

hubs-2          hubs-3

Where can I put this?                                                 Fixing the number line

hubs-4       hubs-5

The trainer’s daughter (pictured on the right in pink) also lends a helping hand.

hubs-6       hubs-7

A work progress.                                                    The Beaufort West Primary school staff with the Match Centre trainer .

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