Introduction to MST for engineering, including GEM
Published: October 19, 2016



STEM is embedded into our daily lives. The largest number of careers today require maths, science and technology along with a good command of language. These are gateway subjects. Maths Centre instigates projects from Grade 6 – Grade 11 so that learners can see how STEM subjects lead to a large variety of understanding of engineering careers. Making housework and daily life at work easy and nature friendly? Communication and Travel; Destruction & Construction of life; Keeping fit; Exploring space; Polluting mother earth?

Take a look at this small list:

  • Roads, Cars, lorries, trucks, bicycles, Trains, planes and ships
  • Bridges and tunnels; Telephones and; Radios, TV sets, computers
  • Hi Fis and stereo systems; Fire protection equipment; Nuclear industry; Stoves, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and gym equipment; Fridges and Freezers; Plumbing and building equipment
  • Cranes and Agricultural equipment such as tractors
  • Hospitals and hospital equipment; Optics and hearing aids
  • Mining equipment; Industrial equipment as in catering
  • Steel and mineral mining; TV and Cinema industry etc.
  • Heating and cooling systems; Water filtration and sewage systems
  • Space shuttles and rockets; Power stations and pylons
  • Windmills and solar panels; clothing industry and sportswear  and so on.
Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

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