Joy Global MST for engineering Hub
Published: December 5, 2016


A Learning Hub is a purpose built centre whose aim is to assist in creating a culture of learning within a school. This is built by putting together resources to use in a classroom which becomes the hub of learning support.

Mathematics, Science, Technology and ICT Hub

A well-established practice being used in many the Maths Centre projects is to change the physical environment of teaching, learning and assessment in many schools, to share resources amongst all teachers in a school and inviting other schools in the vicinity.

What is covered: Hubs are rooms/ spaces within the school made available to be set up as dynamic environments for teaching and learning of Mathematics, Science, Technology, Accounting and ICT.

The methodology used: Maths Centre trainers and teachers plan the hubs together. Community, local industry and parents’ involvement is crucial. The Maths Centre through Joy Global provided the needed materials to create a highly effective learning environment in one classroom. It is a resource room to be owned by the whole school, teachers and parents who will sustain and maintain both the environment and the resources. Parents can borrow some resources for free to use at home with the learners. Serious monitoring of these resources has to be done through the asset register.

The Maths Centre’s MST for engineering unit, through the sponsorship of Joy Global, and collaboration with the Vosloorus Comprehensive School SMT, SGB, MST for engineering teachers and cohort grade 8-10 learners participated in the creation of the hub on the 27th of August 2016. The Maths Centre provided all the material used on the day with the SGB providing the catering for all participants on the event. All the three MST for engineering subjects were incorporated into the hub. The schools’ Principal, Deputy, SGB, and MST teachers attended and assisted in designing the center. A total of 6 teachers and 72 learners contributed in this noble cause.


The Donor logo was inscribed so as to express the driving force behind this great achievement


The Deputy Principal of Vosloorus Comprehensive School could not be left behind. His touch was very significant in the effort to change lives of many.


joy-global-stem-hub-3               joy-global-stem-hub-2                        joy-global-stem-hub-1

Learners are incorporating all the mathematics formulas and concepts which are essential in the learning of mathematics.


joy-global-stem-hub-5             joy-global-stem-hub-4

A learner is drawing the basic building block of all materials, ‘THE ATOM’. On the right, they are designing symbols used in electrical circuits.


joy-global-stem-hub-7        joy-global-stem-hub-6

Physical Science concepts: electronics, gear systems and ratios, the driver and driven gears.

joy-global-stem-hub-10             joy-global-stem-11

On the left, some of the learners were working inside the Hub Centre and on the right it’s the other group who were working outside.


MST for engineering educators and learners are working together in designing and painting a multi-purpose chess and draft board. MST integration was applied in most tasks done.

joy-global-13                        joy-global-14

Learners designing and painting a mathematical game played by two people called ‘morabaraba’


 The team seemed to be saying ‘We have done it’, after the completion of the construction of the MST multi- purpose hub.

Having a lot of support during the creation of the HUB will go a long way in creating a culture of learning within the school. Having learners playing mind games during break and lunch times will also assist in their own personal development which will have a positive impact towards their achievement. Teaching and learning support material that was procured will be arranged in the hub in a manner that shows progression and linkage of concepts. The intention is to continuously equip the Hub centre based on the school needs and availability of resources.





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