Maps and Mirrors : 19 May Northern Cape
Published: November 3, 2016

Campaign              Maps and Mirrors

Date                       19 May 2016

Venue                    Koffiefontein

Schools                   Reikealetse, Koffiefontein, Diamanthoogte, Ikanyegeng and Holpan

Grades                   8-12

Learners                1000

 The purpose of this Maths Centre maps and mirrors was to assist grades 8-9 learners with their subject selection for the Further Education and Training band by exposing them to topics from the grade 10 Mathematics and Science curriculum. This activity-filled educational and promotional event also aimed at changing negative perceptions that Maths and Science are difficult subjects as well as to encourage learners to consider artisan-ship, assist learners with career counselling and expose them to the many opportunities within the mining sector.

koffentien-1                koffentien

Diamanthoogte High School                                           Koffiefontein High School

This year, a total of 1000 learners from Koffiefontein High, Reikealetse-, Diamanthoogte, Holpan and Ikanyegeng attended the Maps and Mirrors.

koffentien-2             koffentien-3

South African Weather Service team                                      Maths Centre team

All of the invited exhibitors highlighted the various career paths available to learners and what the requirements are for tertiary study. The learners were handed University – and bursary application forms from various institutions.

koffentien-4            koffentien-5

 The Multotec stall                                                             The Koffiefontein Geology Department

The Maths Centre invited various mining contractors to come and display and also participate in the various activities of the day. The boys from Koffiefontien could not resist the temptation of riding the different machines.

koffentien-6           koffentien-7

koffentien-9                koffentien-8

Sol Plaatjie University team                                            St John’s

We were pleased that the Northern Cape’s own university could also be present. Learners were given application forms and assisted with information on all available bursaries at the institution. The schools will track applications and provide feedback to Maths Centre at a later stage.

koffentien-10        koffentien-22

Environmental Management                                     Koffiefontein Training Centre

koffentien-23   koffentien-11 koffentien-12

Koffiefontein’s Training Unit had various engines on display which was a huge draw card for the learners.

koffentien-13     koffentien-24

The importance choosing of pure Maths and Science subjects were emphasized at the stalls to learners wish to pursue a career in mining and engineering.

koffentien-16     koffentien-15

Weather forecast programme                                    Model car

koffentien-17          koffentien-18

The Maps and Mirrors campaign was a huge success with the exhibitors committing themselves to participate in future Maths Centre events. The learners came out out in numbers and their engagements and interest in the event was a very positive feedback.


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