Maths Centre (GP) and Sanlam Language Connection Report
Published: September 19, 2018

2018: Cohort 1

Trainer: Tendai Gumiremhete
Manager: Sarika Bachoo
Executive director: Sharanjeet Shan

Foundation Phase learners working in groups of 4 during Language Connection

Foundation Phase learners working in groups of 4 during Language Connection


During the project, intervention programme in supporting the foundation phase it was noted that learners had challenges in reading and comprehending mathematics. The challenge was not noticeable as teachers always read for learners and explained assessments resulting in the improvement of learner results.

The foundation phase learners were given a task of word sums between 5 and 10 questions. Only instructions were given and explained. Learners had to read the questions and come up with a number sentence that would lead them to the answer. Learners worked in groups of 4 and were grouped per class. Some grade 1 learners performed so well that they managed to answer all the 5 questions. Of the 4 classes per grade only one or two groups of learners performed well. The performance showed the challenges in other classes.

All the foundation phase teachers were addressed about the challenges that the learners had and the suggestions on supporting the learners were shared. In term 3 word sums will be targeted as first priority to cover the gaps.

The grade 1 learners took turns reading the questions. they also took longer reading and working on their sums. however their effort was worth it, the group on the right got all the 5 questions correct while those on the left got 3 out of 5.

GP_Sanlam 3           GP_Sanlam 2

The grade 2 learners after reading the question were discussing and counting fingers trying to get to the answer. Learners were putting their fingers together while working on the 4 basic operations. The activity developed collaboration, talking and listening skills.

GP_Sanlam 1

Below are some of the learner scripts showing their performance after the language connection activities

script 1 script 2 script 3


The language connection campaign made teachers realize the challenges that their learners have and areas that need more attention. Activities were prepared for the teachers to support the learners in word sums in term 3. Lesson demonstrations will focus on word problems to enhance reading with comprehension.

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