Petra Diamonds MST Project Re-Launch 2017
Published: March 15, 2017

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On the 2nd of March 2017 we re-launched the Petra Diamonds MST project. The event was held at Chipa Tabane Comprehensive high School in Refilwe, Cullinan.

The Petra Diamonds MST project was re-launched as the project has entered a second phase which also includes grade 8 and 9 to the already existing grade 10, 11 and 12 learners.  It was discovered that the foundation of Maths in these lower grades was not strong, hence the role players saw it necessary to re-launch the project and include grade 8 and 9 thereby turning the project from just Maths and Science into MST for engineering project.


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Left: The learners opened the ceremony with national anthem: Right the learners of Chipa Tabane Comprehensive 

Chipa Tabane Comprehensive School was established in 1989 by De Beers and it is the only public high school in the area with a total of more than 1 800 learners. The principal of the school, Mr. Masenya said “since we are the only high school in the area, the community has set their faith and hope on the school to tackle social economic issues affecting the community. The community has a huge drug problem which is slowly affecting the school.

Also, present at the event was the newly appointed Department of Education: District Director Ms Rachel Mekwa who reminded the learners that, this project is a huge opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands and learners should use it to their advantage.  She also gave thanks to the Maths Centre and Petra Diamonds for coming in and making a difference in the schools.

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Left: The principal of Chipa Tabane Comprehensive School and right, DOE: District Director Rachel Mekwa

The school is very grateful for Petra Diamonds and the Maths Centre for improving the Maths and Science quality of the school. Petra Diamonds is currently renovating the school’s Maths lab which hasn’t been functional in years. Mr. Masenya finished of his speech by reminding everyone present that giving back is a divine intervention that people shouldn’t ever get tired of.

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Etheline Britz from Petra Diamonds speaking about to the learners about the importance of studying Maths and Science 


                                                                                petra 6

Petra Diamonds team:  (from left) Sheridan Rogers, Etheline Britz and Anne-Marie Nieuwoudt




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