M996 Senior Phase Mathematics Kit


976 – Fraction TowersThis kit contains:

M112 – Decimal Fraction Board
M1011 – Playing Cards
M157 – Stop Watch
M158 – Thermometer
M161 – Maths Calculator
M175 – Symbols Chart
M176 – Multiplication Board
M208 – Maths Dictionary
M209 – Shapes Stencil
M211 – Mathematical Set and 3 full protractors
M212 – Spring Balance
M603 – Geo Boards with Rubber Bands (2)
M605 – Mini Square Tangrams
M975 – Geometric Solids with 3D Nets
M976 – Fraction Towers
M977 – 3 Plastic Strips (20cm) with Screws
M985 – Ordinary Dice Pair
M990 – Senior Phase Kit Guide
P520 – Container

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