Sanlam Cohort 1: Parents Count, Parents Matter
Published: September 26, 2018

Blog by Tendai Gumiremhete – Sanlam Primary Trainer

Sanlam PS 1 PCPM  Sanlam PS 2 PCPM

Parents and their children during the “Parents Count, Parents Matter” workshop


Sanlam in partnership with Maths Centre supports various schools in various districts in Gauteng. The intervention of Maths in the schools includes supporting teachers, learners, parents and the community at large.

In Randfontein particularly Malerato primary parents and their children were invited for a workshop which aimed to enhance on how parents may support their children in all aspects of life. Parents had the opportunity to discuss and share ideas amongst themselves on issues that affect their children in their daily life.

Parents were engaged in the issue of language of teaching and learning. The school currently use mother tongue that is Setswana as language of instruction in foundation phase. That gives learners a huge challenge when they get to grade 4 where they are expected to do all the subjects in English. Parents agreed to effectively direct their concerns to the DBE (department of basic education) so the changes can be effective in the following year 2019.

The workshop engaged parents and children on content that they address at school in mathematics. It aimed to equip parents with ideas on supporting children with their homework. Parents were happy to demonstrate how they can assist their children with school work. On the top left, a father was working with her two daughters developing the concept of fractions. On the top right, a grandmother was working with her granddaughter on measurement. The Grandmother was converting inches to centimetres and to meters. The audience was impressed with the knowledge grandparents shared on supporting children.

The workshop made the parents aware of their roles in the development of the school, learner performance and progress. Parents were informed on how their decisions affect the school, learners and the community now and in the future.

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