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Published: September 14, 2017

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Maps and Mirrors with a Difference

Gr 7 Learners - drs in making

Grade 7 Learners – “Doctors in the Making”

Trainer: Tendai Gumiremhete
Manager: Sarika Bachoo


The Grade 7 learners were tasked to do research on what they dreamed of becoming. They worked in groups in selecting their professions. The passionate learners researched and read up on their selected professions. They wrote down notes, diagrams and gathered information about the requirements of what the job entailed. They began mapping their career paths and what was required to reach their ultimate goal.

M-M2  M-M3

The learners on the left selected the nursing profession. Their motivation and reasons or selecting the career is to serve the community and some have parents who died due to ill health care. On the right these learners chose to be journalists. Their reasons for this career selection were the high crime and corruption and suffering that is swept under the carpets all the time. Their intention is to uncover every story and let the truth be known by everyone.


The learners above selected engineering, however they are not sure exactly which part of engineering they will pursue. The learners have relatives who are engineers and they are inspired by them. They understand which subjects they have to focus on so they are aiming at improving their marks in maths and science.

M-M5  M-M10|
The learners on the left are a group of future doctors. The visit to the University of Johannesburg was an eye opener. They were so inspired and understood what the career entailed. On the right are future lawyers. Their reason for choosing the career was to create a just society and ensure proper measures are in place to uphold our justice system. They realised how people in their communities suffer because of injustice.

M-M6  M-M7

On the left is a group of learners who intend to be chartered accountants. People in their community who do the same job inspired them. The learner on the right chose to be a fire fighter as he witnessed people in his community who lost their lives because of fire.

M-M8  M-M9

On the left is a group of learners working on their research. On the right is the research done by the civil engineers.

Conclusion – The event prepared learners for selecting their subjects for high school. Their discussions highlighted their career maps and how their needed to mirror that profession to be successful professionals in their future.


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