Sanlam Maps and Mirrors Phase 2: Taking learners to the World of Work
Published: September 14, 2017

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128 Grade 7 learners at the University of Johannesburg

Trainer: Tendai Gumiremhete
Manager: Sarika Bachoo


The Grade 7 learners from I H Harris visited the University of Johannesburg on the 21st August 2017. The aim was to guide learners to map their carrier path. The event was motivating and guiding for all the learners.

The event started with awarding prizes for the best achievers in Mathematics and Science. They awarded two learners per subject, the fifth learner was the most promising learner. Learners were excited and motivated to work hard and improve their marks in maths and science. The head of the health faculty encouraged learners to aim for high marks in maths and science to qualify for a university entrance when completing their matric. The speech guided learners on subject choices as they approach high school.

M-M02  M-M03

The best achievers receiving their awards before touring the university.

M-M04  M-M05

The professor was taking learners through the process of the human body and the heartbeat. Learners were shown from the computer to enhance the knowledge.

M-M06  M-M07

Learners were working in pairs on the model of the human body. They were given a task to put back the body parts in their correct positions. The learners were fully engaged and wanted to complete the task faster than their peers. However the instructors had to assist them complete the task.

M-M08  M-M09

The instructor was assisting the learners to complete their task. Other learners completed putting back all the missing parts and placed their models in the front.

M-M010  M-M011

Learners were exposed to the computer lab researching pictures of the human body. They were selecting any part of the body to read about. Some were playing games building body parts. For many learners it was their first time exposure to using a computer.

M-M012  M-M013

The learners were in the human anatomy and physiology laboratories. Learners were taken through the process of being a paramedic and how lives are saved on a daily basis, when an accident happens. Learners could ask meaningful questions like, what is the first thing to do when an accident happens. Why do paramedics put a drip and oxygen?

M-M014  M-M015

The learners were at the rescue unit. They were shown all the protective clothes and equipment used to rescue people from different types of accidents. Learners had the opportunity to put on some of the protective clothes.


The learners appreciated the visit to the university and were able to realise the need to have informed decisions when choosing subjects in high school. The trip was both educative and motivating.

Arrangements were made to continue with the partnership and communication so that doors are opened for more project schools to get the opportunity to visit the university.


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