Join the Maths Centre because you want to present to your learners a highly motivated, inspiring teacher, you are fed up with ordinary, because your hunger for learning has never been satisfied, because you want to be a teacher leader of some significance, consequence and influence, because you want to be extraordinary, because there is no sky as a limit at the Maths Centre, because life- long learning takes a meaning beyond your imagination, because we transform everyone that we touch. You get more than what you put in.

The Maths Centre is the premier destination for sustainably improving the quality of maths, science and technology education and education outcomes from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in South Africa. The Maths Centre focuses on teaching teachers were substantial gaps have arisen so that they can get on with the business of becoming good to great leaders. It is our strong belief backed by renowned international research (see below) that the most powerful key to circumventing the education crisis in South Africa lies at the teacher level. You will receive world class training, challenges that will sharpen your capabilities forever.


Maths Centre works with 1000s of young people each year, facilitating their thinking, growth and development towards gaining advantages in a context that rarely recognises its youth. And yet we watch so many of them carve and create a future for themselves with enthusiasm, foresight and discipline against so many odds. When I look and listen to these amazing young people, I rejoice in the future. My hope for them is that their university tutors will recognise the value that these learners bring to the higher education institutions. That alongside academic knowledge, the learning institutions will provide opportunities for learning to push the envelope intelligently, to shape into leadership positions that our country so desperately needs.

Career path

Maths Centre prepares you for the next stage of your life. You devise your own CV. Once you have been trained at the Maths Centre and you prove yourself to be an asset, trainers can rise to emerging managers, provincial managers, special project managers and even operations managers and who knows, step into the Director’s chair. Try it for size. As a powerful and influential NGO we have produced Principals, Deputy Principals, District Directors, and Chief Director: MST, Heads of Maths, Heads of Science, Heads of Technology, HoDs, Subject Advisers and an NGO Director who started his own NGO.

Training and development opportunities

In order to understand Maths Centre training and development opportunities, know that we are an NGO, Social entrepreneurs of a world class calibre preparing teachers and learners to acquire deeper and higher knowledge of how to generate your own intellectual thought at all dimensions, how to create competent ad effective learning environments and how be a teacher leader unique in your domain. We will train you in content, methodology, assessment, project activities for classrooms, project management, report writing skills as well as advanced Microsoft office techniques. When you leave us you are much better prepared for higher positions in schools and departments.

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