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Maths Centre can conduct training for teachers from Grade R – Grade 12 in Maths, Science, technology and ECD education. Training is also held in Entrepreneurship education for out of school youth and Informal businesses.

The Department of Basic Education requires teachers to engage in workshops that improve their professionalism, competencies and gain PD (Professional Development) points. By 2016, it will be a legal requirement and will be monitored by the Department of Basic Education. Each teacher will be expected to achieve at least 150 PD points in every three year cycle.

SACE will issue a Certificate of Achievement to each teacher who achieves the target number of PD points within the three years, as follows:
150 points: Certificate of Achievement Bronze

151-300 points: Certificate of Achievement Silver

300+ points: Certificate achievement Gold


The teachers will choose from a menu of items. Maths Centre has named these workshops Share and Shine. Areas tackled are Content & Methodology; Problem solving, Understanding the total curriculum, Lesson planning, Testing and assessment, Tackling language diversity, Teaching activities, Transfer of learning, Projects and practical work, Materials and resources, Tracking of learner performance and ICT-based learning.


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