Trudon Eastern Cape Youth² Motivation Day
Published: March 13, 2019

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Written by Shepherd Chigogo

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The matric motivation and careers day was held on the 2nd of March 2019 at David Mama Secondary School. Grade 10 – 12 cohort learners from project schools met, not to be motivated but to motivate each other to “dare to be different”. The  students stood up and presented exceptional motivational speeches. Learners have a better understanding of their peers and easily relate to each other; hence they can easily motivate each other. Students from various schools gave exceptional motivations to their peers, emphasizing on the need to remain focused on their ultimate goal for 2019.  Phato Gxixi from David Mama summarized her motivation by asking her fellow students to remember the 5 Ps (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance).


Learners took turns to motivate their peers on "daring to be different"

Learners took turns to motivate their peers on “daring to be different”


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As a way to motivate learners and prepare them for exams, Maths Centre took an innovative initiative to put together a “Youth² – Dare to be Different Survival Kit. The kit does not only help learners with exam tips, but gives life-long lessons on coping with life issues. The Project Coordinator, Mr Shepherd Chigogo, explained the contents of the Survival Kit.

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Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

Mandela Day – Rise UP Against Hunger Event

Dear Colleague’s  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for putting in their 67 minutes for Mandela day on Friday the 15th July 2022. It is without a doubt that UBS SA with the Maths Centre team made an impact. We...

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