Why Maths Centre?

South Africa received a poor rating in both Maths and Science education, and ranks 146 out of 148 in terms of education quality (2.1 out of 7). In terms of quality in Maths and Science education, South Africa received a rating of 1.9 out of 7, and ranks 148 out of 148.

Due to these poor learning standards, the economy of South Africa has been greatly impacted. We look to teachers as the solution. By focusing on teacher performance we aim to improve these statistics.

South African teacher performance was rated as the no.1 challenge in South Africa.

Issue %
Teacher issues 8.2
Lack of books 6.6
Classes too large 4.7
Facilities bad 4.1
Fees too high 3.1
Global top performing education systems focus heavily on teachers. These systems provide attractive remuneration, attract top talent, provide constant training and have positioned teaching as a respectable profession. Locally, poorly resourced schools that perform well credit their performance to quality teachers and effective school leadership.

Maths Centre improves the teacher situation in three ways:

1. Recruit

Draw more talented people into teaching
Identify what makes a good teacher
Hire the best teachers

2. Support

Provide content support and in-class support to specific teaching methodology

3. Evaluate

Measure content knowledge and effectiveness accurately and consistently

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