The Legacy Project ; 27 May 2016
Published: November 4, 2016


Campaign              The Legacy Project

Date                       27 May 2016

Venue                    Danielskuil

Schools                   Kuilsville High School

Grades                   12

Learners                120

legacy-project-2                      legacy-project

Finsch Mine Manager, Mr Luctor Roode is handing over the mattresses to the school.

During the evaluation that was done at Kuilsville High School last year, teachers expressed their concern that most of their learners come from poor families and do not have suitable space at home to study. Maths Centre engaged the school this year and with the teachers, decided to implement a special intervention to assist this year’s grade 12 learners to prepare adequately for the examinations.

Lock-in sessions will be held over weekends at the school from now until the write their final matric paper. We approached the mine and we were able to secure 120 mattresses so that learners can study together whilst been tutored by their subject teachers. Local businesses have also been approached to sponsor meals for the learners.

legacy-project-3               legacy-project-4

The learners of Kuilsville showed their gratitude by presenting the Finsch Mine representatives with flowers. Mr Steenkamp, school principal (right) expressed his gratitude to both the mine and Maths Centre for the extra support.

The expectation is that the matric results improve and by so doing, the class of 2016 will leave a lasting legacy.


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